Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So in the summers in the Miller household we are doing puzzles. A lot of the times Katy would do the puzzle and we would watch and we would help here and there.....we since Emy and I have started our own traditions we decided we would continue that one. So we went to target and picked out a puzzle.....and I've never done that before so we just picked out one that we thought might be cool...not the best way to pick them.
Rule one: How many pieces.
Rule two: look at how the colors go.
So here's the out come of doingthis horrible puzzle

This doesn't looklike it was hard but we worked on it for so long i would close my eyes and see puzzle pieces!!! But we had a good time!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hanford = Love

So my future-sister-in-law Kilean is into photography and so we went to hanford last week and she took some pictures of Emy and I. They turned out really cute even though we both were really sick so heres how they turned out!

So these are just a couple of the pic she took but we thought we would share them with y'all!!We had lots of fun she is so great thanx Kilean!